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The President’s Page

From my entry into engineering I have sought to improve my ability for practical engineering application based on my past experience.  Since heavy industrial structures was my main interest, my career evolved from the Steel Mill, Mining industry and material handling to sanitation structures which included uncommon commercial buildings, churches, shopping centers, bowling alleys, skating arena buildings and Library buildings, Dog track structure and viewing stands, unusual residences to amusement park structures. All this experience was acquired while working for others always looking for the day when I could be in charge of the whole ball of wax. After time I became part owner of a 65 man Structural Engineering firm.

The new responsibility of running my own shop included all that it takes to remain in business, competitive and productively, technically and economically. Most of my career was in the “on hands” type of applied engineering realm. Over time my proficiency in Timber, Steel and Concrete grew to mastery of the three. In the meantime I never let go my hobby of doing local rehab work of ancient residences, small industrial shops, churches, storefronts, converting old buildings into anything currently in demand. This business kept me in money when the family began to grow, until now it has become a mainstay.